Miscellaneous tools

A collection of miscellaneous tools for use in puzzle solving.

Please note that these tools aren't optimized for large amounts of data, processing can slow down or run into problems once you reach above 150,000 characters. A cap of 1 million characters is currently in place.

Convert periodic element property values to different property values, for example atomic numbers to element names or symbols. Only a subset of element properties are available for conversion. Strings can be separated using a number of different delimiters: space, comma, colon, semi-colon, and hyphen. You can mix and match delimiters, but they are required.

Periodic elements conversion

Forerunner glyphs

Convert Forerunner glyphs from the video game Halo to their text alternative, these glyphs were primarily used during an ARG for Halo 4. The "Create image" button downloads an image version of the glyphs selected and displayed below the text version.

There is more information available on the Forerunner symbols Halopedia page.

Forerunner glyphs