Encoding and Decoding

Convrtr is a simple JavaScript based tool to quickly convert text between different formats and to help create or solve data driven puzzles and ciphers.

Please note that these tools aren't optimized for large amounts of data, processing can slow down or run into problems once you reach above 150,000 characters. A cap of 1 million characters is currently in place.


A description of each decoder and link to more information is available using the info button in the top-right of each decoder, ou can also copy the contents on individual decoders and download the contents to a text file. By selecting the "chain decoders" option, the "decode" button under each decode switches its target to the Text decoder.

This is useful if you have a string of text that has went through numerous encoding steps, e.g. Text Binary Base64 Reverse Hexadecimal so you can quickly decode your puzzle, without having to copy/paste into each different decoder text box.

Various operations that can be performed on any kind of text string. By default all changes are based on what you enter into the textarea. By selecting "Chain commands" this shifts to the results section at the bottom, you can then perform actions in succession. E.g. Strip spaces from a string, then select Remove all numbers and both will be performed.

Text tools

Replace characters in a string - allows replace any characters or phrases in a string with any character or phrase. Supports regex so you can run your own custom advanced replacements

Replace characters

Flip text upside down - allows you to turn this into ʇɥıs

Flip Text

For a given string of text, list out the frequencies of various character combinations. This can be useful when looking at data-driven puzzles, and trying to find recognizable patterns.

Character frequencies